Samsung Led tv backlight repair
Samsung led tv dull picture

Samsung Led tv backlight repair

In Samsung LED TV’s there are two types of the backlight are configured, one is normal led strips and another is edge led strips, the difference between both are as follow

Normal Samsung Led TV Backlight:

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Samsung led tv backlight contains 5 to 13 bulbs in one array led strips, one bulb consists of 3v or 6volts. These voltages will change according to the form factor of the led backlight cabin. bulbs in an array led strips to interconnect in series connection. some model bulb divided into two types, one is Array A, and Another Is Array B. This types of bulb glows only if both bulbs circuit closes properly. The maximum operating temperature of the led array strip is 40 degree Celsius. some led array strips are coming with metal frames, it can transfer heat into the body for their long-standing life cycle. mostly this type of led backlight used in Samsung led TV basic model and some smart TV’s.


Samsung Edge led backlights:

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Edge led technologies invented to reduce the form factor of the led TV, these types of lights are mostly used in very slim cabin TVs like 4K, OLED, QLED, Frame LED. These lights are very powerful, and it consumes very low power to glow to maximum brightness, these bulbs configured in only one array strip, and one led TV consists of only one array strip. Into that 60-150 bulbs with three volts or six volts divided by 10 to 12 bulb a pair, these bulbs are more powerful than normal and these bulbs placed in the side frame or on the bottom frame of the TV.


Samsung led TV repair industry are continuously facing two types of backlight repairs, one is spotted light repair and another is the completely dull backlight.

Spotted light repair:

Generally spotlight complaints are initial stage backlights failure, it generates due to incident of magnifier dooms in the led array lights, this indicates the aging and weakness of your backlight, most probably in a TV of 32 inches will have mostly three-array light which contains 7 to 8 led bulbs with 3 or 6 volt, spotted light complaint can be easily rectified by replacing the failed one but after replacing failed one only, it will cause you to repair one by one again, suggestion for this complaint is to replace the whole unit in proper way to solve this complaint.

once you repair TV by replacing the whole unit it will give life span of two year, but your spare should be Samsung genuine parts, there are many Chinese bulbs in market for cheap rate it will work for its money facts, so replacing array bulbs with original spare is proper way to repair spotted light complaint in backlight section, this will cost you about 3500 to 4500 for 32 inch TV and 5500-7500 for 40-43 inch and other models will depend on their spare cost.

Dull backlight repair:

Most of the Samsung Led TV consumers are facing dull backlight issue, identity of this issue are TV will be dark but it sounds nicely, you can hear its working good but in display shows no picture symptom completely dark, this issue generates due to two reasons, one is aging and another is power fluctuation, a solution for aging discussed before, now we move to fluctuation, it cause more damage to your TV, Samsung led TV research and diagnostic team design protection circuit for all backlight section in their led TV’s to protect TV from heavy component failure, in this repair case TV goes to protection mode to prevent SMPS circuit from over current, so TV starts with dull display.
This circuit can identify the impendence of each led light in the array led strips  that consumes current to glow, circuits comes with voltage regulation, for example, all Samsung TV comes with three to four array led strips in a backlight kit, if you are  connecting only one array bulb strip in their SMPS, the circuit will automatically regulate the voltage to the maximum consuming of one led strip, this type of technologies used in Samsung power supply units for future purpose and this used to identify which led strip has failure, once any failure detected the suddenly goes to protection mode, so the led TV starts with dull screen, these types of complaints can rectified by replacing the whole backlight unit to prevent repeated complaint into backlight section.

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